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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013, here I come!

Happy New Year!
Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

Well let me just first say that the last couple hours before midnight of new years day was a bit rough but overall, I'm still happy. I didnt get my new year's kiss until 2am I think. Oh I got a new tea cup. I forgot to take a picture of it. I will later on.

I told myself that I would start my cosplay this month and I will. I first have to make a dress form. I looked a up a couple videos and decided to do a duct tape form. I will be doing that next week and will post a couple pictures from it. Just a reminder, I plan on cosplaying as Skuld from Oh my goddess. The series come out as a 5 episode show and then a couple years later got remade into a 26 episode(season 1) show and also renamed as "Ah! my goddess". Which back then people would sometimes get confused if it was really "Oh! my goddess" or "Ah! my goddess". (I was one of those people who got confused when I would look for pics) Here is a picture of which outfit I plan on doing :)

The wings will be done by my boyfriend. This is the first time he will be helping me make something on my cosplay. Pretty excited and I hope it turns out well =D I havent decided if I'm going to enter the cosplay contest or the world cosplay summit contest at Anime Matsuri. It would be my first time entering a cosplay contest of any kind. I would be too nervous on stage.

One last thing:
If you like movies like me, the Houston Film Critics Society is hosting a free gala to hand out awards to some movies. Here is a link for more info about it. I might or might not go, not sure yet. I'll post pics if I go.

Did anyone go to Ikkicon this past weekend? Got any pictures to share? Comment on this post and let me see! :)

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