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This is Bunny of Dinobunny Cosplay. Bunny is 24 years old. She sometimes model, cosplay, watch anime and some tv shows, go to the movies, and spend time with my friends as much as she can. Bunny hopes that by making this blog, Bunny can meet new people and hopefully make a friend or two. If Bunny ever find anything cool or free, She will try to share it here. :)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Skuld's wing progress...

Been a while since I actually posted something...Ive been posting a bit more on my facebook page. So here is some progress photos! My boyfriend, Howard has been making my wings for me. This is the photos he sent me. What do you think of it so far?

 (Before painting and cutting all of the larger wings)

(All larger wings are cut and half of them are finish painted)

Whenever the wings, cosplay outfit, or all of it is done, I'll post the progress photos all in one go again for you :)

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