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This is Bunny of Dinobunny Cosplay. Bunny is 24 years old. She sometimes model, cosplay, watch anime and some tv shows, go to the movies, and spend time with my friends as much as she can. Bunny hopes that by making this blog, Bunny can meet new people and hopefully make a friend or two. If Bunny ever find anything cool or free, She will try to share it here. :)

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Real cosplay work!

So I told myself when I started this blog that I would post actually progress photos...So here you go!

Since my bf has been working on the wings, I dont know how much photos I will be getting from here. But I will try to post what I can from him.
 (His practice piece to see how it would look)

As soon as I finish something of the cosplay outfit, I will be posting a pic. I just bought my first pattern piece today! Its a McCall's pattern M6701. I'm pretty excited.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Duct tape anyone?

So about two days ago(sunday night/Monday morning) at 1am, I told my boyfriend I wanted to start making my dress form. Now I had watched a lot of video on making a duct tape dress form. It was an interesting experience. Most of the videos I watch, no one said how long the process can take.

Keep in mind that at one point, my bf and I kept on laughing because I fell over. Literally. Lol. I stuffed the inside with newspaper. LOTS of newspaper. I found it a bit tricky on trying to get it to stand up so I took some of my brother's weights that he isn't using anymore to make it stand. I saw in couple other videos that u can use a tree stand or a hanger. I didn't want to use a hanger since I was afraid it might make a crease in the shoulders. Stuffing took me about 30min-1 hour with the help of my nephew and niece.
(Dont pay attention to the food next to it in the picture...its 1/2 of my dinner for tonight)
Materials: 1 1/2 rolls of duct tape(each roll of duct tape was 55yds), a stick I bought at lowes, a t-shirt I do not want(doesnt matter if the shirt is too big on u to do this dress form. I used an XL shirt and I'm a size small), a friend/family member who is comfortable seeing u pretty close to nude, lots of patience, newspaper/polyfiber stuffing/a lot fabric you dont need to stuff the inside
Time Duration: 2 hours to put on about 2-3 layers of duct tape all over, 1 hour to stuff the inside
Total time spent: 3 hours (give or take some minutes)

Yesterday, I went to a prescreening of Gangster Squad at the Edwards Marqe with my bf and my two friend. Pretty awesome movie. There is one more prescreening of Gangster Squad on Thursday. Not sure if I will go again. We will see.

If you have any questions about the duct tape dress form, just comment on the post and I'll let u know. Again dont forget to like my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TrangHuynh018

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013, here I come!

Happy New Year!
Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

Well let me just first say that the last couple hours before midnight of new years day was a bit rough but overall, I'm still happy. I didnt get my new year's kiss until 2am I think. Oh I got a new tea cup. I forgot to take a picture of it. I will later on.

I told myself that I would start my cosplay this month and I will. I first have to make a dress form. I looked a up a couple videos and decided to do a duct tape form. I will be doing that next week and will post a couple pictures from it. Just a reminder, I plan on cosplaying as Skuld from Oh my goddess. The series come out as a 5 episode show and then a couple years later got remade into a 26 episode(season 1) show and also renamed as "Ah! my goddess". Which back then people would sometimes get confused if it was really "Oh! my goddess" or "Ah! my goddess". (I was one of those people who got confused when I would look for pics) Here is a picture of which outfit I plan on doing :)

The wings will be done by my boyfriend. This is the first time he will be helping me make something on my cosplay. Pretty excited and I hope it turns out well =D I havent decided if I'm going to enter the cosplay contest or the world cosplay summit contest at Anime Matsuri. It would be my first time entering a cosplay contest of any kind. I would be too nervous on stage.

One last thing:
If you like movies like me, the Houston Film Critics Society is hosting a free gala to hand out awards to some movies. Here is a link for more info about it. I might or might not go, not sure yet. I'll post pics if I go.

Did anyone go to Ikkicon this past weekend? Got any pictures to share? Comment on this post and let me see! :)